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NIOA Controller’s Workshop – Monday 16th January | 19:30 to 21:30


Have you ever wondered what the Controller does for an orienteering event? As a runner, have you had reason to think that your course was somehow unfair? As a planner, did your Controller help or hinder? Come to the NIOA Controller’s Workshop in the Royal School Dungannon on Monday 16th January and have all your questions answered!

This workshop, part of a NIOA series, is for all orienteers from NIOA clubs or IOA clubs. You do not have to be or even want to be a controller to benefit. The workshop will be organised and conducted to suit all those attending, regardless of orienteering or controller experience. It will be lead by Raymond Finlay of FERMO, a British Orienteering Grade A Controller, in a relaxed and informal way – no exams, no tests and no running!

If you want to attend please let Fin know (raymondfinlay ‘ at ‘ and let him know if there is anything you would particularly like him to cover. The workshop will run from 7.30 to 9.30pm. If coming from the M1 motorway, follow the signs into Dungannon, pass the first main entrance to the school on your right, continue to the mini-roundabout, turn right and the entrance is 100m along, again on your right. When you reach the buildings, turn right and the workshop room will be signed on your left.

2017 – The Year of the LVO Volunteer?

Our 2017 fixtures are starting to take shape.  Have a look, and you’ll see that each event now has a Volunteer Roster.  This is a 12-month trial to promote and encourage all our volunteers, yes that’s all of us who make our club such a success; the planners, controllers & organisers, the on-the-day helpers, and the behind-the-scenes elves.  More details on the trial will appear in the next few days – and you can always take a look & start volunteering now.

In particular there are 2 Score Training events in January which will be pretty informal (car boot style) so it’s a great way to get started volunteering – what about (clipboard) registration or collecting controls after the event.

Send us an email to sign up: