Updated Tables

The NISeries and Colours of Spring tables are available in the NISeries folder in “Public Documents”; congratulations to those who have already won their Colours class (shown in red).  The Colour Standards table has been brought up-to-date in its folder; the red in it indicates those who, according to my latest copy of the membership list, have not renewed for 2017.

Spring Cup 1 Castleward

Join us for the first event of the Spring Cup this Sunday at Castleward Estate on the shores of Strangford Lough.  Use the main entrance road and park as directed.  There will be an additional cost of £4.50/person, unless you are a National Trust member – don’t forget your membership card.  This will be payable at registration  which opens at the later time of 1pm.  Last start time is 2.30pm and courses close at 4pm.


Green      4.9km     Orange     2.6km        Yellow   2.2km

Gates are marked on the map and should be used.  Gravelled mountain bike and horse trails have been constructed  in the estate and are mapped.  They are well-used by bikers and riders and they expect to have right of way – so be aware of these other users.

For clarity, in the east most field the mountain bike track and the power lines have been omitted from the map.  On the rest of the area all paths are mapped but some are now obscure due to lack of use.  There is a lot of undergrowth in the woodland – full body cover is recommended.

See you there on Sunday

Club funding for representative events.

This is just a reminder that LVO will help out with your costs if you travel to  a competition for which you have been selected to represent your club or country. The club’s funding policy for Seniors is here. The Junior funding policy is here and also under the Juniors menu.

The policies contain details of how you can apply for funding. Please remember to keep your receipts and apply promptly!   If you have any queries I will be happy to help; just email treasurer@lvo.org.uk

Happy orienteering!