Map Printing Services resumes

With thanks to the NHS for my physical recovery and to the Club Committee for the (much needed!) hardware and software replacements I am delighted to announce that LVO Map Printing Services is once again on the air BUT holiday plans means that it will have to be suspended between Tues 26th and Sun 30th June and Tues 15th and Sun 27th August, all dates inclusive.

If any WEE planners want to make use of the services could you please also specify numbers of maps required? The absence of published results means that I am unable to gauge demand.

An Extra Fixture!

Wednesday 26th July – City of Lisburn

For all those who haven’t evacuated the Country during July and are bored and missing their summer Orienteering, or even just want a little warm up before heading to Scotland; I have an extra fixture for you: A Club Night: A low key Urban Score event with a difference, around the Parks and Streets of Lisburn.

Although many of the control sites will be within traffic free areas, because this is an Urban Score Event and I can’t predict your routes, ALL under 16’s will need to be accompanied by an adult,  but that shouldn’t be a problem as this will be a good event to do as a family! Why not have a picnic afterwards or adjourn to a local hostelry to discuss routes.

The Car Park is free from 6 and if you wish you can start from half 6, or alternatively wait until a mass start at 7. You’ll then have 45 minutes to get to know Lisburn a little better. Please note you will need to be back by 8 as that is when the Castle Gardens Close. And BRING a PEN! You’ll need one!

Location : Queen’s Road Car Park ( opposite the Island at the bottom of the Castle Gardens )             Coordinates 54 30 42.3N               06 02 15.6W

Cost £ 2.50 a map.                             

Urban Mapping Project Team

The club is setting up an urban mapping team to map large areas of North and East Belfast. This is in preparation for a project in conjunction with Beat the Street and YouthBuild, with funding from Active Belfast.

The approach is very much teamwork, as small sections of pre-prepared map are allocated to individuals to complete and check on the ground. This is another great way of developing your orienteering skills. Besides the team who created the Lisburn map, this project is open to any club member who would like to get involved. If you are at all interested, please contact Stephen Gilmore for more details.

Have you completed the survey yet?

The LVO 2017 Survey is for members and non-members and has two goals.

Firstly to capture your details (LVO and non-LVO), including SI numbers, for our Autodownload archive and secondly to enlighten the Committee on the memberships views of the club.

For non-members the online survey should only take a couple of minutes to complete and for members about 15 minutes.

Please complete one survey per family member.

Spot prize for 1 x LVO member who completes the survey.

You can access the survey here:

Closing date 31st July.

WEE 9 – Jordanstown Training

As this is the last WEE in June we thought we’d have a bit of fun this week. We’ve planned a maze!

You can either have a go on your own or have a bit of competitive fun with a head to head race. If you’re a junior its your chance to get your own back on Steph;  or to beat your sibling, or even to show your parents who the better orienteer is.

For those of us who should know better; can you hold your head above water against your peers, or can you put these pesky small fry back in their plaice!

If you manage to escape the labyrinth and enjoy the twists and turns of a short sprint course, you’ll be in luck, because I have one of those planned as well in addition to Lyle’s courses.

It’ll be a couple of weeks before you get a chance to do any more orienteering so why not quench your first on Wednesday and have a go at everything on offer.