Compulsory Crossing Points

Quite often on a course, especially one that goes through farmland or has high barbed wire fences, it will be compulsory to cross at a certain place, rather than being able to go wherever you like. If you cross elsewhere, officially you can be disqualified.
Your control descriptions tell you if you have a compulsory crossing point as shown below. (It’s the one between the start and control 1)

descriptions compulsory crossing point

Here’s an example on a map – as you can see, the pink line between controls will bend to go through the crossing point sometimes; however this is not always the case. exit from startIn the example above, taken from last Saturday’s race at Downhill, the Green, Blue and Brown courses all had this compulsory exit from the start control. If, for example, you did this…

wrong exit from start…you could be disqualified. Instead, once you had looked at your map, even if you had already reached the un-crossable wall, you should have gone this way…best exit from startThis gets you out of the start much faster than the other routes, and is actually legal, where route 1 is not.
The reason I am posting this now, for those who are interested, is that I stupidly took route 2 on Saturday, because I didn’t look at the map soon enough properly. The control descriptions did tell me, but they were folded to fit in my description holder so I didn’t see the compulsory crossing point symbol.

Paul Pruzina 14/6/2013



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