Christmas Indoor-O and Social – Final Details!

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Are you one of the lucky ones booked in to enjoy some LVO festive fun this Friday?

If so, read on for some final details – take special care to read the few changes and additions to the programme.

Meal and Social at Chimney Corner Hotel – 630 Antrim Rd, Newtownabbey, BT36 4RH

Wilbert (planner) and Stephen (mapper) have put together a great Indoor-O puzzle for you. With the effort they put in and the effort it will be for us to get round the course, it has been requested that the food is served at 8pm rather than previously advertised at 7.30pm. We will have a few nibbles at the Indoor-O to help keep the hunger away!

Quiz – Immediately after the meal there will be a fun quiz. This year our quiz master/mistress is Wendy Smith. There will be rounds/challenges to suit us all including Juniors.

Prizes – There will be a few fun prizes to be given out for indoor-O and Quiz

Dress Code – Anything goes! We normally don’t get the chance to see each other in anything but dirty old O-clothes, so it is nice to have a chance to get a little dressed up. Note: There may be a prize for the most Christmasy look!

Recycle-O – There will be a table set up at the Indoor-O registration to drop off (and pick up) any orienteering clothes/equipment in decent condition that you no longer use but others from the club (especially juniors) may benefit from.

Indoor-O at Ballyclare High School

Registration from 5pm. Starts 5.30-6.30pm.

This is the first indoor event in Northern Ireland and probably on the island of Ireland, so it might be useful to spend some time before the event, with Google, having a look at indoor orienteering maps elsewhere. 

Car parking is available at the front of the school or in George Avenue, which is beside the school, to the South.

Entrance to the school is by the main front entrance,  off the Rashee Road.

Registration, assembly, start and finish are all located in the school gymnasium immediately left on entry to the school. Toilets are available adjacent to the gym.

            •           The school is mapped at 1:750

            •           The map will be on an A3 page, portrait.

            •           The map is not orientated to magnetic north, but is aligned to the angular shape of the building. This means that magnetic north is +35 degrees from the long side of the page ie the map is aligned approximately to the NW. (This will please our visiting friends from NWOC!)

            •           The school is a multi-storey building so each level of the building is identified with a floor number with 0 (zero) being the ground floor. Each level is mapped separately and shown with the uppermost floor at the top of the page.

            •           Staircases which connect levels are identified with a letter in blue on the map on each relevant level.

            •           Staircases which connect levels also have an arrow in blue pointing upwards.

            •           Steps which are on the same level on the map do not have an arrow.

            •           The school grounds including courtyards are also on the map at the ground floor (Level 0), but there will be limited opportunity to go outside.

            •           External doors which must not be used are shown with a purple bar. Only external doors without a purple bar may be used.

            •           Outdoors the paved area is shown as a dark brown.

            •           Indoors accessible areas are shown as light brown.

            •           Areas of the building which are not to be accessed are shown as building.

            •           Canopies which are outdoors are shown as canopies.

            •           Furniture within the school (eg desks, benches etc) has not been mapped, except where there is a visual barrier (eg a library shelf) which is shown as an impassable fence.

            •           Purple bars indicating a temporary barrier must not be crossed by any part of the body.

            •           A maze which includes various barriers indicated by purple lines, which must not be crossed by any part of the body (ie you must not reach over), will be set up in the sports hall. Note that the sports hall with the maze is replicated at a scale of 1:250 on the top left corner of the map.

            •           The retaining wall symbol is used where, on the same level, there is a height difference eg a stage.

            •           Doors of classrooms are generally open, but if any are closed where the room is shown as accessible, then these doors may be opened.

            •           Doors into areas of the building which are shown as inaccessible (dark grey building symbol) will generally be locked, but if not, must not be accessed.

            •           The lights in the school will be on, but some areas have lights which will automatically switch off after a period. Therefore a head torch could be useful, but is not essential.

            •           To assist with locating of controls, control circles have a dot in the centre.

            •           Control description will be on the map but will be orientated to the top of the map, rather than north.

            •           Controls will be presented on trestles with the si boxes on the top horizontal bar.

            •           Two courses are on offer:  

             Hard 3.2km, 75m climb, 25 controls  

             Easier 1.2km, 10m climb, 17 controls

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