Whilst working with the hCOW spreadsheet to produce a series table, I realised that I hadn’t updated the Colour Standards table with Autumn Event results. That omission has now been reversed and the updated table is now available to view. On the Green course many of you who fell into the Baxter black hole of Hillsborough (I’ve looked at Routegadget!) may have felt that you will have missed a Green standard. However, because there was no Brown or Blue course available the standard time is not that of the winner; I use my skill and judgement to decide (i.e. guess!) what the standard time should be so don’t despair yet, have a look at the table; there may be a surprise in store.

As for the hCOW series a table is now available showing the place points achieved in the three counting events so far. After your total there will be one of three symbols – asterisk shows that you have achieved at least 4 results and so are in the mix for the title, exclamation mark shows that you have not yet achieved four results but can still do so and blank shows that unfortunately you won’t reach the required four results. Don’t despair, however, as the final event at Seskinore will be a one-of championship so keep honing your handicap for that. And don’t forget that hCOW is a regularity competition not a race – the hare and the tortoise have an equal chance, just don’t swap between the two!

Resources>OneDrive Public>Colour Standards>Colour Standards.pdf

Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021>Series Table.pdf

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