hCOW Table Update

A look at Winsplits and Routegadget shows how many folk suffered on Sunday from the “Bermuda Triangle” syndrome that is Hillsborough Forest, myself included. This is backed up by the hCOW results showing an enormous variation in folks’ variance with only 6 (me again!) out of the 32 finishers having a positive variance i.e. going slower than handicap. The negative event variance of 2mins11secs shows that some of you struck lucky among the bombholes and had a relatively clean run.

In my last post I said that the series would be calculated on your best 4 results from the 7 events but I forgot that your first event is needed to set a handicap so the series will now be based on the best 3. That means that Sunday’s initiates (i.e. status = “I”) will have to finish all 3 of the remaining events to have a chance.

Watch for a current series table being posted shortly; the scoring is based on place points so lowest is best.

“Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021>Event4.pdf”

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