Tch, Tch

My thanks to GraemeF for pointing out my error in last week’s hCOW post, where I claimed that the Botanic course length would be measured along the straight-line route because it was a Sprint course. This shows some laziness on my part in failing to keep up with the rules and guidelines changes (I must read myself to sleep with the new 103-page version!). The post-Botanic positions (using the correct course length) are now available at “Resources>OneDrive Public>hCOW>hCOW2021”. Along with the publication of the Lady Dixon performances next week I shall post a table showing how handicaps have moved over the four events – if the calculations are going correctly it should show when you had (or had not!) a good run.

I have amended the hCOW definition document to properly cater for the course length definition.

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