🖐Hello and Thank You from the new Committee🖐

On behalf of the LVO committee, I just want to say a big ‘THANK YOU‘ to all our members for the fantastic support you show the club, especially this year when activities and events were disrupted.

In the AGM yesterday, our outgoing Chair, Steph, commented on the tremendous work which has allowed us to get up and go as quickly as possible in a safe and sound manner. We were reminded that LVO was the first UK club to run an event when things opened up after the first lockdown. Of course this would not have happened without Steph’s leadership and the support of the committee, volunteer officials and club member support. 👍

This year the Steve McGribbon Trophy, for outstanding volunteer contribution, was jointly awarded to Harry Bell and Mark Pruzina – very fitting and well deserved considering how much work they have put in this year – they must enjoy it as they manage to do it and keep smiling! 😊

As mentioned Steph is standing down from the role of club chair and I am sure you will all agree that she has done a great job steering the ship over the last 3 years, which we are all very thankful for. Fortunately for us she is continuing to support within the committee and you may have noticed she is paying particular interest in coaching, especially our juniors, which is very exciting. 🤸‍♀️

Our long standing Secretary, Cecil, has managed to escape from the committee this year. We thank him so much for all the work has done and continues to do for the club, so much more than is expected. His efforts over the years have always been greatly appreciated and his personality and valuable contribution in committee meetings will be greatly missed. Cecil certainly deserves to take a step back and enjoy just being a member. However, he is hardly having a rest as he is stepping into the role of secretary for a charity – we wish him well with this. Good Luck! 🍀

All other members of the last years committee I am pleased to say were happy to stay on. Thank you for your ongoing support, it looks like it could be a busy year!

We are also very pleased to welcome two new committee members, Olivia Baxter and Alan Brett. Olivia, many of you will know well and we look forward to the energy, ideas and experience which she will bring. Alan is a new member of our club and with these present restrictions it may have been hard for us to meet yet. But, we look forward to having him involved and share his ideas and experience which he has gained from being a member of other clubs in the UK. Big Hello!🖐

If you want to find out more, the AGM minutes (thank you Geoffrey) can be found on the LVO website under Resources – OneDrive Public

With restrictions easing, it is exciting to see sport bouncing back, so keep a look out for all the orienteering events coming up on NIOA Fixtures. Make 2021 the year you feel you can get more involved not just with participating but in the fun of volunteering too! Most importantly stay safe and keep well.


Ric Gamble (New Chair 🪑)

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