Nominations for the Steve McGibbon Trophy

The nominations are:

  1. Harry Bell, for the amount of work he is doing, quietly and behind the scenes. Much of this work most members don’t even know exists. Equally notable is the thoughtful, considerate and approachable manner in which Harry will come to your aid. Harry’s title of “Treasurer” would be appropriate even without the final “r”!
  2. Stephen Gilmore, Colin Smith, Ric Gamble and Juls Hanvey who, together with Charlie Reid of NWOC, drove the MapRunF initiative that provided us with the opportunity to orienteer when Covid restrictions curtailed our usual competition calendar.
  3. Mark Pruzina, who did so much to develop Covid safety measures that allowed the club to run safe events in a very challenging year and for the outstanding work he did to keep orienteering alive during the pandemic.

Please email with your vote for 1, 2 or 3 before the AGM on Thursday.


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