🌲 Donard Forest – Final Details

I hope everyone is looking forward to a potentially damp day on Donard!

Just keep a few things in mind:

Please read and obey all the Covid regulations as explained in the event details on the website. As part of social distancing make sure you arrive in time to register and get to the start, 15 minutes walk.

The Green course as originally planned had an ugly dog leg in it which I knew would upset some of you. So I have added a control, and a tiny bit of distance and some mostly avoidable climb. (4.6k and about 200m if you Orienteer in straight lines).

 The Orange course has a short section along the access road to Greenhill. We should be the only cars on that road, so Drivers please observe the Runners on Road signs and give way to competitors, especially small ones. Competitors, likewise, please be careful and aware that there might be occasional cars.

The Yellow course will have two taped sections, out of control 2 and between 4 & 5. As already stated it is not suitable for buggies.

The mountain biking community is aware of our event and hopefully will avoid the area, but there are several trails in the forest so again, exercise caution.

Have Fun.

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