Meelmore Maprun Trial

As Queen Steph has mentioned, we would like to carry out a trial of MaprunF/G alongside our event at Meelmore this Saturday. It won’t interrupt any of your runs. The main event is all SI Air ( proper O!! ). All we would like is for quite a few of you to take your phones or Garmin watches around with you as well, so that we can see how well Maprun works in this environment. I know how good the map is, but what we want to see is what sort of tolerance we can get away with on a normal Orienteering run. All the controls have been accurately coordinated to cms, so this is just going to be a check on your phones, not the map. The phones will be switched to silent so you won’t receive any notifications or help in finding the controls, and we will be able to look at the data afterwards and see if any or all of the controls were recorded in the time that we would normally spend at a control.

If we have any willing Guinea Pigs 2 versions of the Green course are going to be posted to the Maprun Server for you to download in advance of Saturday morning ( but you won’t be able to look at until you start ). The versions are both the same but one will have a tolerance set at 8m, the other to the standard 12m. These will be identified accordingly as Meelmore Green 8 or 12 in your choice of events. What i would like is to have roughly equal numbers trialing each option.

If you would like to help us out please download MaprunF if you haven’t already ( there is no cost ) and then download whichever option you wish to try for us.
Please then comment below saying which one you’ve gone for so that we can all see if we have equal numbers of both.

Thanks in advance

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