🏆🏁🏆August Competition🏆🏁🏆

😀We are looking forward to competitive orienteering returning again with some events due to be popping up in August.

🦠There will be a few differences to mitigate against coronovirus, including keeping social distance and minimising touching of surfaces. Therefore to reduce the need to touch controls, SI Air+ is likely to be used rather than standard SportIdent. With SI Air+ there is no need to dib; instead pass your hand over the top of the control up to 30cm away.

Hmmm, what colour will I choose?

🥓To use SI Air+ the controls will be turned on in beacon (NOT bacon) mode and a Sport Ident ActiveCard (SIAC) is required. These will be available for loan/hire at most events, but there would be obvious advantages in owning your own. So if you are looking for an early Christmas or birthday present, look no further than the sportident.co.uk website.

🔭Continue to look out and try more MapRun courses being added to the July league. Newcastle will hopefully be added in the next few days.

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