Hillsborough Autumn Event

Venue Hillsborough Forest
Date Sun, 19th Sep 21
Starts 14:00 to 15:30
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Event Description

All Go for Hillsbor-O!


Green           4.3km   TD5
Short Green     3.1km   TD5
Orange          3.1km   TD3
Yellow          1.8km   TD2

Courses have been planned to make the best use of the technical sections of Hillsborough Forest Park. The Green courses are largely based on middle distance courses planned some time ago for a visiting Swedish Orienteering Tour. They are technically demanding! The Orange and Yellow courses have been planned at the upper end of relevant technical guidelines, so make use of handrails (ditches etc) as well as paths, offer corner cutting opportunities and will provide an entertaining challenge. The Yellow course is not suitable for push chairs.

Courses are still being reviewed to ensure that map inaccuracies do not render them unfair; further detail will follow. Much of the forest is very runnable but there are some areas of heavy undergrowth which should be avoided.

The forest is in good shape but some areas of undergrowth have not yet died down. Much of the pine forest is open for fast running, although care should be taken running over the exposed tree roots, especially on paths if there has been any rain. The worst of the undergrowth has been added as a green screen on the map and courses planned to permit straight red line running, but competitors are urged to look up and ahead in case of unexpected blockage!!

There has been considerable infrastructure added since the last map revision. Platforms on the edge of the water are not shown and the route from the car park to the new playground has some fencing added at major junctions which are not shown. They should not impede movement. All the activity during lockdowns has resulted in a number of new paths in the forest which are not mapped, so care and attention is needed when navigating. There are many new hides and some that have disappeared so, together with undergrowth changes, mapping of hides and runnability light greens should not be relied on for navigation.

Full length leg cover is very strongly advised. Controls will be SIAC enabled.


Hillsborough is the most visited forest park in NI and Sunday afternoon is peak time so we have been advised to use Beechlawn Special School for car parking, found just south of the main Park Street entrance to the park. Give yourself a few minutes to walk round.


HRP is responsible for toilet facilities at the Fort and Courthouse and have them shut at the moment. However, the toilets at Main Street car park and the forest play area will be open.


Senior (aged 21 or over) Member £7, Non-member £9

Junior or Student Member £3, Non-member £4

Maximum charge for a family* Members £17, Non-members £22

*If you are entering a family and it comes to more than £17 (£22 for non-member) then please contact the organiser after you have paid for the individual Senior, or Junior/Student entries and we will arrange refund of the difference. Parents accompanying children go free.

SI timing card hire is free but are charged at replacement cost £30 if lost.



Hillsborough Forest
Park Street
BT26 6DP

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To volunteer at this event please email volunteer@lvo.org.uk. You can find information on each role here as well as the current list of volunteers.

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