Jordanstown - Wednesday 28th June
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Welcome to WEE 2017

Don't forget to enter WEE 9 online by midnight on Monday 26th Jun (Entry fee details.)

Latest Results: Lady Dixon Park (Wed 31st May)

Important Notice


For the month of June the club is going to be trialling something different. As we head out in to the Antrim countryside the events are going to be more geared towards Newcomers as Come and Try It Events. For those who do not take the events seriously and just like having a pleasant run you probably won't notice any difference. There will still be a short course listed as a "yellow" and a longer course listed as "light green". Unfortunately for those who do like to compete, there will be no league tables or results published. This is a result of how the event is now listed with BOF. You will still get splits as part of your download and results will appear on screen on the night but nothing will be published. They will not be competitive events, as per the WENTs.

In addition to the usual fayre, to provide something more stimulating for the members we are going to be putting on some coaching. The aim of this is to help some members progress from one level to the next and to provide some reminders for the more experienced of skills required come the Autumn fixtures. Each of the four events will be designed to look at a different or mixture of skills. There will be an initial practice run, followed by a time out and chance to discuss before you can have a go at a second run. After this if you still have the energy you can go and put your knowledge in to practice on the light green course.

What's this all about?


Welcome to the new website for the 2017 series of Wednesday Evening Events.

Here you'll be able to find details of up and coming events, photos and results.


The WEE Series is organised and run by Lagan Valley Orienteers (LVO) during the summer months, to promote orienteering to a wider audience as well as to provide the regulars with a challenging mid-week run.


Events take place at urban and forest parks all over the Lagan Valley area.

More details about when and where each event takes place can be found on this website.

Use the links on the left hand side to navigate the site, and also to find contact information if you'd like to know more.


There are a total of 14 events which will take place on Wednesday evenings.

Exact event times may vary but more information can be found on the event's page.

The series starts on the first wednesday in May.

How to enter?

You can pre-enter online up until a few days before each event. In this way you get the cheapest entry rates. This also eases the workload of the volunteers on the evening of the event. Alternatively, you can simply turn up on the night and enter.


Participation prizes will be awarded to those who attend at least 9 of the WEE events in 2017.

For more information about any of the events being run this summer, click here to see the full event list.

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