Slievenagore Rocks

Well done to all the juniors who took part in the training at Slievenagore and then followed that up by taking part in the races after. We spent some time looking at basic compass use and concentrating on map setting using the compass. That was a useful skill to have for the races afterwards that had some tricky controls to find. The next set of training sessions will concentrate on developing our compass skills so check out the training page for more details.

Don’t you hate it when someone turns up wearing the same shirt!

Little brotherly love shown on the race to the finish

Mid air shot – check the shadow out. Good map hold as well

The cousre that followed had tricky sections on the open mountain side as well

Tyrella South – Fun in the Sun (Sort of)

Tricky Tyrella

The Juniors took part in training at Tyrella South along side the N I Colour Series race. It started of sunny but cold and the rain stayed away until close to the end.  The junior training consisted of taking part in a loop course that practiced map setting, distance judging and pacing and recognising control descriptions. In all 18 juniors too part in the training. Thanks to Steph and Alison for looking after the starts as well.  Check out the photos below to see our juniors in action.

Inspector Steph “Right – where were you two last Tue night?”

No matter the weather it is always important to look cool!

Luke doing his bad rap star pose

Is that the Hokey Cokey they are doing? 

Cold but smiling

Superman Paul – just after his race and not a spot of mud – does he fly?

Explaining to mum what to do

Rear man not looking convinced this is a good idea!

Andrew finds a tricky control – how cruel was that!


Here’s a good idea – orienteering on the computer! Catching Features is a game so you can always orienteer when there’s no event on. Elite orienteers use this game for training, but it’s fun just to play as a game. I only have the demo version because it is quite expensive, but I thought I’d point it out – have a look at to download the demo, and if you want, buy the full game. You can race online against friends, or join online competitions, and it runs on any computer built within the last decade or so.
I’m not saying the graphics are good, but it’s great fun.