Colour standards

What colour standard are you?
Colour standards are worked out by completing three courses of the same standard, within either:
– 150% of the winners time
– the time which 50% of finishers complete the course in
Either or these is used to allow as many people as possible to achieve the colour standard
A list of the standards people have achieved is here.

Trust the Compass

Getting ready to enter the woods
Luke returns successfully

10 Juniors took part in compass training at Hillsborough Forest Park. This was an extension of the cones exercise from the last session. Like the cones exercise the course was made from a grid of 9 control sites but this time they were in the forest and some 50 – 100m apart. Juniors had loop courses to complete. They had to use the compass to keep the map set and make their way through the forest, without using the paths, to locate the next control site.
Rachel heads in at speed.
Example Loop Course

Emerging from the forest – did it all go well?

Strolling back to the car park

Slievenagore Rocks

Well done to all the juniors who took part in the training at Slievenagore and then followed that up by taking part in the races after. We spent some time looking at basic compass use and concentrating on map setting using the compass. That was a useful skill to have for the races afterwards that had some tricky controls to find. The next set of training sessions will concentrate on developing our compass skills so check out the training page for more details.

Don’t you hate it when someone turns up wearing the same shirt!

Little brotherly love shown on the race to the finish

Mid air shot – check the shadow out. Good map hold as well

The cousre that followed had tricky sections on the open mountain side as well