2013 Junior Incentive Scheme Results

The Junior Incentive Scheme results for 2103 have been run through our calculating machine and after several days of hard work the results are now available on the Incentive Scheme page.  Well done to everyone who qualified for an award in 2013. You all did very well. Certificates will be issued at the club AGM in early 2014. A big thank you goes to Geoffrey C, manager of the calculating machine, without whom we would not have any results collated.

Dec Junior Training

Getting ready for the Tempo

Hunting for chocolates

Start them young

Is that a selfie?

Man on a mission – a chocolate one!

There have been a couple of events this December for our juniors to enjoy. First was a chance to run the World Police and Fire Games courses from Aug.  Not as warm nor as many nettles in December but our juniors put in a fantastic run. The would have beat most of the WPFG competitors hands down!! There was also a chance to take part in the TempO and a short score course. The better you did the more time you were allocated in the winners box. The more time in the box the more chocolates you got to pick up, even if you were running backwards, could only use one hand and had to wear an adults glove!!.

On the 14 Dec then we had a great session in Hillsborough Forest Park with Jon Musgrave from MAROC. Very windy and a bit wet but we all got a lot from the sessions. It was great to be able to practice basic skills without the pressure of time and also to get some coaching on group and one to one basis.

Preparing for the mental control description challenge

Who is that Orienteer?

Andrew hunts for a tricky control

About to set off

The finish!!