LVO Junior Instagram

Get Pictures of O Adventures

We have created an LVO Junior Squad Instagram account. If you follow us at Instagram you will be able to get pictures of the squad’s adventures as they happen on your phone, computer, iPad or tablet.  Here is what you need to do.

You need to download the app onto your phone, tablet, iPod etc. Then follow the instruction to set up an account. Once you have your account you need to request to follow the LVO Junior Squad.

Using the Instragram app press the compass star button on the bottom of the screen. Then type in LVO_Jnr in the search bar at the top of the page. Select the LVO Junior Page and click follow. 
Only people that are allowed to follow will be able to see the pictures. We will get a message from you when you ask to follow and we will authorise if we know you.
You can also see the pictures on your computer and add comments. Click the picture above to go to the site and log in. Note you need to have followed the instructions above for the app first.  Stand by for JK2013 photos to follow.
If you send us your photos we can ensure that get included. Just email us.

Lessons from the Squad

Andrew highlights how he used some great O skills to locate a tricky control during the NI Score Championships at Florencecourt. I hope to get more juniors to contribute to the blog this way so stand by to be asked.

Control 68 was in a re-entrant and worth 20 points

How I Did It

I was coming from control 67. I ran along the track to the T Junction (keeping my map set). I then turned left and ran to the open ground area with some buildings.  At the back of the buildings I followed a wall up to where the stream bends away. I looked up and as I knew from the map it was in a reentrant I could see the two hills either side of the reentrant. I ran into the reentrant and saw the control – simples!!