Training again next Saturday!

Training in Hillsborough Forest Park on Saturday 9th February. Focus will be on map setting and  compass work. Meet at 1230 in the main carpark. Afterwards there will be a score training event(starts 1400). Make sure to email by 6pm on 6th Feb to confirm you are coming so we can print maps (
Allan Bogle is also running a skills training day on Saturday in Hillsborough for more advanced juniors. This is focusing on the bronze skills set outlined here and starts at 1200.

Belvoir Park Training Round-Up: Sun 27 Jan

Paul’s  Squad – honest, it’s warm once you’re in!

Check Out the Junior Training from Sun

Some 14 juniors had a great time on Sun at Belvoir Park learning about map symbols, control descriptions and using the map information to find our way around the course. Check out the pictures from the day below. After the training we all got the chance to put our new skills to use on the score training event. It was a cold day as you can see but we all had fun. Next event is the 9 Feb at Hillsborough. Check out the training page for details.

The score course was well attended, with over forty people running! All of the juniors attending the training stayed for the score – a great chance to try out their new skills on a different type of orienteering than they are used to. Overall the day was a success, with good turnout from the juniors and happily not too much rain.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the blog if you were at the training or even if you were not but want to encourage our juniors. Big thanks to Paul for running the lessons for the Orange Level Group. The rest had to put up with Alan – bad luck!

The Circuit Training

Circuit Training Starts

Doing well on the ladders

Bad Hair Day

 Learning the Lessons

Having Fun – honest!
Back at the finish – Team work pays off

Ready for all weathers

Love the Buff!!

Training on Sunday

Make sure you get to the training this Sunday in Belvoir Park at 1230. We’ll be focusing on relating map symbols to the ground – a basic but incredibly important skill. More infomation on the training news page.

Remember to stay afterwards for the score event at 2.00 in Belvoir. There will be a 45 minute time limit with 5 easy, 5 medium and 5 harder controls so it’s suitable for everyone. See the ‘About Orienteering’ page for more info about Score.

Junior Training 27 Jan

Some more information is now available about the junior training event on the 27 Jan. Just go to the Training News page to find out more. Make sure you make it on the 27 Jan as this will be a great chance to get some training and then put it into practice straight away at the club score training event. Hope to see you all then. Please Email us to let us know if you are coming.