WEE 5 – Lady Dixon Park

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Date/Time: 31/05/2017 - 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park - Coffee Shop



Full details here

Download the iCal file for this fixture here: iCal


There are lots of opportunities to get involved in making LVO events happen, without Volunteers they wouldn't. You can find some information on what each role does here: Roles

To volunteer to help at this event please email volunteer@lvo.org.uk

Role Volunteer
Organiser Jeff Johnston
Planner Cecil Armstrong
Controller [Co-Ordinator]
Access Support
Website Support Jeff Johnston
Map Printing
Newcomer Welcome Juls Hanvey
MOO (registration 1) Geoffrey Collins
MOO (registration 2) Ben Johnston
MOO (download 1)
MOO (download 2)
Tech Support (early) Mark Pruzina
Tech Support (late) Susan Lambe
Starts 1 Mark Earnshaw
Starts 2 David Orwin
MOO Tow-er (to) Wilbert Hollinger
MOO Tow-er (from) Wilbert Hollinger
First Aid
Control Collector 1
Control Collector 2
Control Collector 3
Control Collector 4
Control Collector 5


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