NI Sprint Championships

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Date/Time: 23/06/2017 - 19:00 - 20:00

Location: Newcastle - Northern End



The NI Sprint Championships will be on a new map of the North end of Newcastle, assembly in the car park at the North end of the town – opposite the Sl Donard Hotel.

Note: There is a Hill and Dale race in Donard Car Park – the Drinahilly race is the final race in the series – other end of the town from the orienteering. (To avoid confusion).

Course lengths are measured by calculated route choice and are as follows:

Course 1              Men’s Open                                       3.7k

Course 2              Women’s Open, M Vet                 3.0k

Course 3              M Supervet, W Vet                         2.5k

Course 4              M Ultravet, W Super/Ultra          2.1k

Course 5              M/W 16, Newcomers                     2.2k

Junior Course 1.1k

Course 5 was advertised as M/W 16- but involves crossing some areas that may have busy traffic, as a result any under 16s wishing to do this course may only do so with parental presence and permission on the night.  Parents shadowing a junior should complete their own run first.  Newcomers on Course 5 should be over 16.  A Junior course has been planned which keeps the children on or near the promenade – there will be a road crossing but it will have a marshal, this area may have some traffic but parents may shadow on this course before completing their own run.  Entries online may be corrected on the night at Registration.

Online entry here

Entry on the night is available.


Download the iCal file for this fixture here: iCal


There are lots of opportunities to get involved in making LVO events happen, without Volunteers they wouldn't. You can find some information on what each role does here: Roles

To volunteer to help at this event please email

Role Volunteer
Organiser Gordon Stephens
Planner Helen Baxter / Aileen McCarron
Controller Igor Stefko
Access Support
Website Support Jeff Johnston
Map Printing
Newcomer Welcome Stephanie Pruzina
MOO (registration 1)
MOO (registration 2)
MOO (download 1)
MOO (download 2)
Tech Support (early)
Tech Support (late)
Starts 1
Starts 2
MOO Tow-er (to)
MOO Tow-er (from)
First Aid
Control Collector 1
Control Collector 2
Control Collector 3
Control Collector 4
Control Collector 5


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