NI Colour Series 6 – Tyrella

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Date/Time: 12/11/2016 - 11:00 - 13:00

Location: Tyrella South




This event takes place on MOD land in Ballykinler Co Down.  Access is via Shore Road Ballykinler village arriving at the barrier to Ballykinler Training Centre.


On arrival at the barrier, inform the security person you are there for the orienteering event.  Have available your photographic ID.  You will be ushered to the reception office where you book in, take with you, your ID.  You will then be issued with a car pass.  Proceed through the second barrier to the area.


Follow the signs and kites for orienteering to the car park where you will met by marshals.


Registration is from 1100 hrs.  First runner 1130, last runner 1300.  There are some 120 entries, therefore consider the time from arrival to time of run to ensure you get away as close as possible to your preferred time.  Toilets are located nearby.


Brown 7.7 –  Blue 6.3 –  Green 5.1 –  Light Green 3.7 –  Light Orange 3.5 –  Orange 3.2 –  Yellow 2.0 –  White 1.7

Leg protection is strongly recommended. The ground is undulating, sand dunes and wicked spiky elephant grass!! Depending on route choice.


This area is used for MOD training, do not pick or remove any device, metal, or otherwise.  First aid is available at the registration.


We are indebted to Ursula and Gerry who will be providing refreshments at cost, all profits go to  the NI Junior Squad.


There are no pets permitted on the site/area.  Please leave all pets, dogs etc at home.


Do not bring any friends or family that you have not already submitted details for


Do not be alarmed at the armed security or the presence of security dogs.  Ensure you do not stray into out of bounds areas and ensure you take back everything you arrived with.


This appears to be a very popular event and we welcome entrants from all over Ireland.  Have a good day and hope for the weather as it is notoriously changeable in this area.  At least you will be by the seaside and have excellent views of the Mourne Mountains

Download the iCal file for this fixture here: iCal


There are lots of opportunities to get involved in making LVO events happen, without Volunteers they wouldn't. You can find some information on what each role does here: Roles

To volunteer to help at this event please email

Role Volunteer
Organiser Dee Orwin
Planner Trevor Martin
Controller tbc
Access Support
Website Support Jeff Johnston
Map Printing
Newcomer Welcome
MOO (registration 1)
MOO (registration 2)
MOO (download 1)
MOO (download 2)
Tech Support (early)
Tech Support (late)
Starts 1
Starts 2
MOO Tow-er (to)
MOO Tow-er (from)
First Aid
Control Collector 1
Control Collector 2
Control Collector 3
Control Collector 4
Control Collector 5


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