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Date/Time: 21/06/2015 - 10:00 - 13:00

Location: Tollymore Forrest



Hi Folks, Due to road closures on Sunday (21st june) we have moved the venue for the club score event this weekend. It will now be held on the mapped open area to the south of Tollymore forest. (not at Meelmore)
The plan is to meet/gather and register at Tollymore where some will be camping as part of the club festival weekend. There will then be a walk to the competition area leaving the MOO at 10:30 (probably taking 20 – 30 minutes) from where the score event will take place.
As it is quite a long drag upto the area we will probably set the time limit for the score to 45mins (more detials at the event).


Download the iCal file for this fixture here: iCal


There are lots of opportunities to get involved in making LVO events happen, without Volunteers they wouldn't. You can find some information on what each role does here: Roles

To volunteer to help at this event please email

Role Volunteer
Organiser tbc
Planner tbc
Controller tbc
Access Support
Website Support Jeff Johnston
Map Printing
Newcomer Welcome
MOO (registration 1)
MOO (registration 2)
MOO (download 1)
MOO (download 2)
Tech Support (early)
Tech Support (late)
Starts 1
Starts 2
MOO Tow-er (to)
MOO Tow-er (from)
First Aid
Control Collector 1
Control Collector 2
Control Collector 3
Control Collector 4
Control Collector 5


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