WENT 3 Musgrave Park 14 Nov 18

After last week’s training in Ormeau Park WENT 3 this week will be in Musgrave Park. Meet in the main car park (entrance off the road to the hospital) at 7.00pm for a 7.30 mass start. We will have another go at playing O”Boggle so there will be something for everyone. As usual there is a 45 min time limit once we start so we should be finished by 9.00pm having collected in all the controls. The words are different this week so brains will be exercised! Note that there is a meeting at the bowling pavilion starting at about 7.00pm Read More …

WENT 2 Ormeau Park 7 Nov (Note: NOT MUSGRAVE PARK)

After last week’s epic tricks, WENT 2 moves to Ormeau Park this week for a new variation. Meet at the main Ormeau Park car park at 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm mass start. As usual, the planner has come up with a new game to play called O’Boggle and there will be something for all standards. All are welcome although novice juniors will have to be accompanied by an adult. The format remains: mass start, 45 minute time limit, controls collected. Although the weather forecast is not great, don’t be put off coming. Orienteering is an outdoor sport and skin Read More …

WENT Special – Trick or Treat 31 Oct 18

After the exciting urban challenge of Sporteering last night, are you ready to switch to the Wednesday Evening Night Training series – the WENT? Running for the next 7 Wednesdays in and around Belfast these evenings give you the opportunity to practise your running, your navigation and your route planning as you play whatever orienteering games the devious planner has to offer. The format is the same each week: meet at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm mass start. There will be 15 controls to visit in whatever order you choose with a 45 min time limit. We will be using electronic Read More …

New O Tops Have Arrived

Good news for all those eagerly awaiting their new orienteering finery. The latest order has arrived and tops will be available for collection at the August WEE series, starting tomorrow at Victoria Park. Please see Philip, Helen or Olivia armed with either cash or cheques made out to Philip Baxter. The cost worked out after euro conversion and postage to £28 per top (child size £23 and top with pocket £30) so no increase since the last order.

Tollymore Weekend Photos

Photos of the Tollymore Weekend festivities, courtesy of Philip and Harry, can be found here. As usual, if you would like your photo removed, please let Philip know via publicity@niorienteering.org.uk

Time for another O Top Order

                                               I am almost ready to put in an order for new club orienteering tops. So far I think the following have ordered (initials only – please query if in doubt). If you would like to be added then please get in touch quickly Original pattern (top left): Female: AB, HP, C?  Male::GB, RC, GS New pattern (top right): Female: CR, SG  Male: CH, BR,PR, DM (x4), If you think you have ordered in the past and not received your order please let me know very soon as I would like to get this order away this week. I have Read More …

Event Safety Course Wed 17 Jan 18

The venue for the Event Safety Course being run by Helen on Wed 17 Jan is confirmed as the Derriaghy Room in the Lisburn Leisure Complex. Start time is 7.00 pm

Planning Course 13 Jan 18 Postponed

Sadly there were not enough volunteers to make the planning course scheduled for Sat 13 Jan worth putting on. It has therefore been postponed. The Controllers Conference will still go ahead as planned. The WEE Planners Course offered by Helen on 21 Feb 18 is still on; if you want to attend please let Helen know via publicity@niorienteering.org.uk