Colour Standards are Re-Set

The Colour Standards table has been reset for the incoming year. It can be found at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”. It shows the 2018 results contributing to your current standard and the colour event programme for 2019 at which you can try to climb the colour ladder. However, it shows much more than this because it contains a list of all (and more) members and their current membership status as follows: no highlight – rejoined for 2019. Well done, ready to go! red – 2018 member not yet rejoined. You’ll be losing your member discount on event entry fees, amongst Read More …

Roll of Honour 2018

Happy New O-Year! The 2018 Roll of Honour is now available; go “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Roll of Honour”. It’s open for audit – please have a look and let me know of any errors and/or omissions – I’ll be happy to make the appropriate amendments. This is the only history of the club’s activities both in and out of the forest so please have look and make a NYResolution to increase the number of times you get a mention in the 2019 version; there are plenty of ways to do that!

Colour Standards Updated

Following Saturday’s final colour event of the year, at Tyrella, the colour standards have been updated and your entry showing under “2018 standard” will go into the historical record.  The final event of 2017, at Carnfunnock, could still contributing to your “current standard” as its within the one year window but it will be discarded at the turn of the year when the table is reset for 2019 so there may be some folk whose standard is yet to change for the worse – the bad news is that you can do nothing about that!

Colour Standards Updated

The colour standards list, updated with the Divis results, is available at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”.  With one colour event to go (Tyrella) have a look to see if you can improve your colour standing for the historical list.  It’s your 3 best results in a 12-month window – they appear on the list as capital letters.

Autumn Trophy Final Results

The Autumn Trophy standings have been calculated following last Saturday’s event at Divis and can be found at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Club Colour Series”.  Congratulations to all the class winners – that’s the first in each class listing and with an asterisk against their name.  The asterisk indicates that you achieved 2 results so were eligible to be considered for the win.  There are 28 asterisks out of a club of 226 members; how do we get folk to go orienteering?

Performance Tables Updated

The NISeries tables and the Colour Standard table have been updated with the results of the Gortin Glen event last Saturday – thanks FermO (and controller Billy Reed).  They can be found at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>NI Series (or) Colour Standards”.  In the NISeries tables the absence of a club against a name indicates a non-NIOA member (thus scoring no points).  In the Colour Standards table a yellow highlight indicates a 2017 un-renewed member; if they fail to join for 2018 their history will be dropped at the end of the year.

Colour Standards/Autumn Trophy standings

These tables, following the event at Slieve Garron, are to be found in the Public Folders “Colour Standards” and “Club Colour Series” respectively.  With one more AT event (Divis) still to come we have three winners already – congratulations to Cahal Power (yellow junior men), Billy Reed (green senior men) and chairman Stephanie Pruzina (green senior women) – Steph can now plan the Divis courses with a light heart!

NISeries & Colour Standards tables updated

The NISeries tables following the Garvagh event and the Colour Standards table following Kilbroney can be found in their respective Public Folders (the NISeries tables are also available on the NIOA website).