NISeries Tables

The NISeries tables having been updated following the Meelmore event and can be found on the NIOA website at “Results/NI Colour Series Leagues/NI Colour Series 2019 league” or here at “Resources/LVO Public Folders/NI Series”. Over the year it’s your best 4 results (in any one class) which count.

Colour Standards Updated

The Colour Standards table has been updated following NISeries2 at Meelmore yesterday. NI Colour Series tables to follow.

Spring Cup Correction

The Green course Junior Men table has been corrected in the 2019 Spring Cup results. Access by”Resources/LVO Public Folders/Club Colour Series”.

Tables Updated

The Colour Standards table and the final Spring Cup table are now available in the LVO Public Folders. Congratulations to our Spring Cup winners even if it looks like there’s a bit of old man pot-hunting going on! It may be worth your while to check the Colour Standards table as the method of determining colour standard achievement differs from that of the SportIdent results calculation in that: 1: Men and Women are considered seperately 2: The top 50% achieve the standard even if their result is more than 150% of the winner’s time and 3: On the Green course Read More …

Tables Updated

The Spring Cup Standings and the Colour Standards Table have been updated following today’s SkiO(!) event at Woodburn. The Spring Cup is based on place points with two results to count; those who have got the 2 are shown with an asterisk. The Colour Standards table also shows your membership status, even if you have no results counting. If you’re in the pink you have forgotten to renew for 2019; remember that event insurance rquirements allow a maximum of 3 events to non-members. The tables can be found in the “Club Colour Series” and “Colour Standards” folders under “Resources>LVO Public Read More …

Updated Tables

The Colour Standards table and the NISeries tables have been updated/created following the NWOC event last Saturday at Downhill. They can be found in the folders “Colour Standards” and “NISeries” in “Resources>LVO Public Folders”.