Colour Standards Table

The Colour Standards Table has been updated with the results of the NISeries#6 event at a wet and physical Pomeroy Forest. It is also heartening to see the pink highlighting disappearing as folk renew their membership for 2020! The table can be viewed at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>Colour Standards”.

Colour Standards Table Update (X 2)

The colour standards table has been updated with the results from NISeries#5 at Crossmurrin. The standard achievement shown on the race results don’t necessarily match the standard actually achieved (e.g. no gender seperation) so have a look to see how you stand. There are 2 more opportunities this year to post colour standard achievement – Pomeroy (NI#6 all colours) and Hillsborough (AT#3 green, orange, yellow). The colour standards table also shows membership status and has been updated to match BOF opening the 2020 membership renewal facility. Thus the 2yr-lapsed members (yellow highlighting) have been deleted, the 1yr-lapsed members (pink) have Read More …

NISeries Tables (correction)

The details of the NISeries #6 event were incorrect in the earlier post. |The event will be at Pomeroy Forest on 9th November. Apologies for any confusion caused.

NISeries Tables

The NISeries tables have been updated with the results from NISeries #5 at Crossmurrin. They can be found in Public Documents in the folder “NISeries”. The tables have been pared down to show only those folk who can complete 4 or more events in the year (they’re the only folk who can qualify as class winners). There a few classes undecided as yet – all involve LVOers. Most require the leader to just finish at Magilligan but BrownMen is a straight fight between Richard Vasey and Michael Burton!

Updated Tables

Following last Saturday’s FermO event at Gortalughany the Colour Standards table and the NISeries tables have been updated in their respective folders. Congratulations to Olivia Baxter and Richard McCourt on becoming NISeries class winners! Please note that the date of the Gortalughany event is in error by one day – this will be corrected in the next update after NISeries5.

Map Printing Services (un)Availability

Would August’s event Planners and Organisers please note that LVO Map Printing Services will not be available from 1st to 18th August.

NISeries Tables Update

The NISeries Tables have been updated following the Slieve Croob round and have been sent for publication on the NIOA web site but you can get an early peek here at “Resources>LVO Public Folders>NI Series”. With 4 events to count and 3 events remaining you need to take care which class you enter in the autumn to ensure that you are in contention come the end-of-year.

Colour Standards Update

The colour standards table has been updated following the event on Slieve Croob last Saturday. It can be found at “Resources/LVO Public Folders/Colour Standards”. There are 2 reasons for having a look. The first is to confirm whether or not you achieved a standard on Saturday – the standard time shown in the results is not necessarily correct as the criteria used to calculate it is not that used for NI colour standard achievement (e.g. M & W are not treated seperately). The second is for a more serious reason – the table lists all the current and lapsed members; Read More …

NISeries Tables

The NISeries tables having been updated following the Meelmore event and can be found on the NIOA website at “Results/NI Colour Series Leagues/NI Colour Series 2019 league” or here at “Resources/LVO Public Folders/NI Series”. Over the year it’s your best 4 results (in any one class) which count.

Colour Standards Updated

The Colour Standards table has been updated following NISeries2 at Meelmore yesterday. NI Colour Series tables to follow.