Event Publicity Posters

Attention: event organisers/controllers/planners please help yourself to orienteering event publicity posters, aiming to publicise events.

  1. Pick up A number of copies printed on ‘fancy’ paper can be collected from the MOO from the 9th September. Alternatively, you may wish to print your own by downloading a copy here. If printing at home it may be an idea to use poly pockets or laminate the posters if placing outside.
  2. Write up Fill in the blank boxes.
    Location: Name of venue.
    Date/Time: e.g. Include date, registration opening time, start window and course closure time.
    Further Information: This could include a variety of things e.g. car-park location, courses available, suitability of courses for newcomers e.g. ‘Newcomers are welcome’.
  3. Stick up Place them prior to your event in public places local to the event area e.g. a park notice board or the local shop.

Rachel Collins

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