Time for another O Top Order


I am almost ready to put in an order for new club orienteering tops. So far I think the following have ordered (initials only – please query if in doubt). If you would like to be added then please get in touch quickly

Original pattern (top left): Female: AB, HP, C?  Male::GB, RC, GS

New pattern (top right): Female: CR, SG  Male: CH, BR,PR, DM (x4),

If you think you have ordered in the past and not received your order please let me know very soon as I would like to get this order away this week. I have some uncollected and un-paid tops but have lost track of who they were for. Additionally there has been some interest in ordering new jackets – if you are interested please get in touch. If I get 5 orders quickly for the same pattern I will add them to this order to save postage. So far all the jackets worn have been in the original pattern.

Prices vary with the € exchange rate but work out at about £28 for an O top (slightly less for children’s sizes) and £55 for jackets. I have a few assorted size gilets left at £35 each if interested.

Contact me (Philip): publicity@niorienteering.org.uk

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