Lisburn Urban Race – CANCELLED

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and its not a decision that fills me with glee, but as it stands with only 6 days to go to the event I have only had one offer of help. As we’ve said before, our sport is run for us, by us, and as a result if no-one volunteers then there can be no event. Most of the tasks are relatively simple and guidance will always be at hand if you’ve never volunteered before. You will always get a run if you want one, and if you’re going to go to an event why not offer your services for half an hour. If everyone did this life would be easy.

We’ve given you all plenty of opportunities and reminders to volunteer for this event, but seeing as no-one has, I can only assume that you’re not interested in it. In which case, this is irrelevant, but sadly for all of you who are, I’m going to give you all the weekend off!

As it stands at present, the situation is the same for Hillsborough in a month’s time. Please don’t let it befall the same fate.

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  1. Graeme
    Good of you to have offered it, but a lot of volunteers were involved with the scores and nite-Os last weekend and are all exhausted!

  2. That’s a shame – we were planning on coming up to run the race. It does highlight the precarious state of orienteering though, where people are reluctant to join clubs and to volunteer to help at events. Many of the names in the results are just consumers, who come and run and go home, and put nothing back into the sport. I hope LVO don’t get disheartened by this, but it is a wake-up call to all the passive orienteers out there that without volunteers there will be no orienteering. JMcC, 3ROC, Dublin

  3. Sorry to read that you’ve had to cancel as I’d been looking forward to another run around Lisburn. This means that the next O event is the first colour event of 2018 in Drum Manor on Sat 3rd March. Good fast runnable terrain with a full range of course lengths for all ages and abilities. Mark it in your diary.

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