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Helen Baxter has agreed to run a series of courses for LVO club members. They will be on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 10 pm in the Derriaghy Room of the Lagan Valley Leisureplex. The club really needs as many volunteers as possible to run all the events we put on each year. These courses are a great place to start and give you the chance to meet other club members on a relaxed basis.

Wed Jan 17th Event Safety
We would like as many members as possible to take this course, especially those who have any role as an official or helper over the course of the coming year (which should be everybody!). This course covers all aspects of safety involved in organising an event (the bit before the competitors get to the start!) There is no assessment involved, only participation. This course will give you a BOF Event Safety qualification.

Wed Feb 21st Event Planning
Want to improve your orienteering? Then have a go at planning, it really does help. This workshop is an introduction to planning, with lots of advice and mentoring. It looks at how to plan using BOF guidelines. The ideal place to start your planning is with the WEE series, only 2 courses to worry about and you can do it at this course. It will also cover the use of the planning software but don’t panic – you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. It is a relaxed evening with plenty of time for discussion and questions.
This course will give you a BOF Level D Planners qualification

Wed Mar 7th Event Organising
Prefer to get involved with the club through organising? The WEE Organisers’ Workshop will give you that opportunity. It will cover all the aspects of getting the competitors to the Start and closing the event. It is broken down into simple parts for discussion and if you choose to organise a WEE this summer it will mean that you are mentored through the process. You don’t have to do this alone – you can pair up with someone and share the load

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  1. Below is a list of LVO members who have previously attended the Event Safety Workshop. This is actually quite a fun evening. This is not death by PowerPoint and Helen delivers the session very well. It is a workshop with various scenarios to consider. In most cases there is no “right answer”, but learning points that will help you, as an official at any level, to deliver a safe event. So if your name is NOT on this list then you really should attend:
    Alan Gartside, Colin Henderson, Philip Baxter, Richard Williamson, Richard McCourt, Murray Cowan, Gavin Cairns, Ann Savage, Declan McGrellis, David Lambe, Greg McCann, Anne Bell, Stephen Knight, Gordon Stephens, Kenny Weir, Harold White, Geoffrey Collins, Paul McArthur, Alan Elwood, Dawn Suzanne Carson, Stephanie Pruzina, Angela Smith, Amanda Byers, Colin Smith, Richard Crutchley, Harry Bell, Olivia Baxter, Katarina Smickova, Susan Lambe, Helen Baxter, Brian McBurney, Lyle Fleming, Jeff Johnston, Jan Smicka, Stephen Gilmore.

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