WEE 6 – Antrim Hospital

A little late, but better late than never…

And so to June and a different venture in the world of WEE. For the entire month we are going to be re-structuring the Series. The familiar two runs will still be there, but as we switch focus towards encouraging newcomers to take up the sport we are removing results from each event and consequently there will be NO league for this month. You will still receive your splits and results will appear on the night but nothing will be published!

Instead we are going to be offering some coaching for those who might like it. Steph is keen to amass a group of youngsters to train up to put us older folk to the sword each week, whilst I will be trying to help the more experienced repel this onslaught. Each week we intend to look at a different skill /technique or combination of, and this week I am starting with “Simplification”. You can’t remember everything, especially at our age, and nor do you need to, so there will be coaching on hand, if I can remember where it is, to try and help you ignore the irrelevant. Then once you’ve had a little practice there will be a little course available to try ( if you haven’t trigged already I have provided a clue ). If I see you again you can then put your newly refreshed skills to use on one of Ric’s two courses. If you do wish to avail of all that is available may I suggest that you arrive reasonably early so that you can fit it all in.

Lastly, we could do with a few more volunteers to help out on the night if you’re coming. Being on hand to assist and greet a load of nurses doesn’t sound like too onerous a task to me…

See you on Wednesday evening.

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