WEE 2 Barnett’s Park + More!

WEE 2 takes place at Barnett’s Demense this week. Details here. In the spirit of Graeme’s introduction of some new training elements I have homework for you! Have you ever done this? I’m a bit of an expert in doing this!

I’ve added an article this morning to the Junior Orienteering Tips page, written from the pain of doing this many times, with a cunning plan on how to avoid it (from the menu choose “Juniors”, then “Orienteering Tips” and then click the link “Distance Judgement & Relocation in the Control Circle”, or just click here). It’s your homework – or you can just have a laugh at my recollections of meandering round the control circle!

Also, on the night of the WEE Alison and I plan to have a control circle laid out on the ground so you can appreciate its size. Look forward to seeing you there.


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